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Reproductive Justice: A Reading List

Edna Bonhomme, writer, historian of science and new Silver Press editor, offers a reading list exploring Black feminist perspectives on reproductive justice.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has further eroded trust between physicians and patients and has hardened the blow to women’s liberation. The anti-abortion movement is not only sexist in its composition, but it is racist in form. During enslavement, Black women were expected to bear children—as asserted by Jennifer L. Morgan—to increase the slave population. In some cases,...

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Statement regarding Zong! by M. NourbeSe Philip

M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong! is an astonishing, transcendent work that shows us the intricacies of the relationship between language and power.

for Darnella (who saw too much too young) by M. NourbeSe Philip

“I seen a man kneeling. I seen a man terrified, scared, begging for his life. It wasn’t right. He was suffering. He was in pain I heard George Floyd saying, Please get off.’ He cried for his mother.”

The House of Windsor Must Fall by M. NourbeSe Philip

The House of Windsor Must Fall—but not before they pay reparations to the descendants of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

I do not care that Meghan and Harry are wealthy and live in Los Angeles in an expensive home—I care that they are exposing the obscenity that is the British monarchy.