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Between Starshine and Clay

Fugitive Feminism Reading Group
Tuesday 16 May, 5 30pm, Stuart Hall Library, iniva  

iniva x Silver Press invite you to a reading group series focussing on resonances from Fugitive Feminism by Akwugo Emejulu. Starting on 16 May for three sessions at the Stuart Hall Library. 

Humanity has always excluded Others on the basis of race, class and gender. What happens to people who choose to flee, following in the footsteps of those who resisted enslavement?

Fugitive Feminism is a call for the collective process of speculative dialogue and a bold new model for action drawing on the legacies of bell...

Ursula K. Le Guin: Sowing Worlds

Sunday 21rd May, 2pm, International Literature Festival Dublin

“[Le Guin’s work is a] confluence of right language and right thinking: not in a rigidly moralistic sense, but at the fulcrum of magic, poetry and justice” – So Mayer & Sarah Shin

Le Guin has long been considered one of science fiction’s great ancestors, a part of the previous century’s rebellions and upheavals, from women’s liberation and the Civil Rights movement to American anti-war and environmental activism. Discover Space Crone, a new curation of Le Guin’s writings on feminism and gender, brought together for the first time by editors So...

SPACE CRONE: Maria Dahvana Headley, So Mayer and Sarah Shin

Thursday 18 May, 7pm, London Review Bookshop

Ursula K. Le Guin witnessed and contributed to many of the twentieth century’s rebellions and upheavals, including women’s liberation, the Civil Rights movement and US anti-war and environmental activism. Spanning fifty years of her life and work, Space Crone brings together Le Guin’s writings on feminism and gender for the first time, offering new insights into her imaginative, multispecies feminist consciousness: from its roots in deep ecology and philosophies of non-violence to her self-education about racism and her writing on motherhood and ageing.

So Mayer and Sarah Shin, the editors of Space Crone, will...